What Is Gingivits Vs Periodontitis?

Periodontal disease, also known as gum disease, is the most common type of oral health problem. It’s caused when plaque, a sticky film that forms on teeth and gums, builds up in a patient’s mouth. This can cause toothaches, difficulty chewing, bad breath, and even more serious problems like tooth decay or infection. Periodontal disease […]

What Makes A Good Periodontist In Chicago, IL?

a picture of a lower arch gum disease model

A periodontist specializes in treating diseases and disorders of the gums and bone around teeth. Periodontists typically have training in gum diseases, implants and other procedures. If you’re experiencing any problems with your gums in Chicago, IL – like bleeding or swollen gums, receding gums, bad breath that doesn’t go away, or loose teeth – […]

What Can I Do to for My Bleeding Gums?

Oftentimes, a bit of blood in the spittle while brushing the teeth is enough to scare a person back to diligently caring for their teeth and gums daily. It can be alarming, but the presence of blood can also be corrected with proper dental care. Find out what you should do if your gums bleed […]

Help from a Periodontist: How Periodontal Maintenance Can Save Your Smile

They’ve learned all the same things as a general dentist, yet they’ve added to their education the study and treatment of gum disease. This is why a periodontist is often your best chance at maintaining your smile or saving it, if your condition is severe. From treating the early symptoms of gum disease to replacing […]

Receding Gums: Can You Grow Back Gum Tissue?

Without routine dental care at home and in the dentist’s office, gum disease can quietly attack your gums and teeth. Left unchecked, the decay caused by gum disease can eat away at your gumline and eventually make your teeth appear as if they’re getting longer. Once the gums suffer decay, there’s nothing you can do […]

What Are the Early Signs of Gum Disease and How Do Dentists Treat It?

Roughly have of U.S. adults have gum disease, either in its early or more advanced stages. Though it’s common, it’s certainly preventable. And if it hasn’t progressed too far, it can even be reversible. Some of the best things you can do to manage or prevent gum disease to brush regularly, floss regularly, learn to […]

What’s Periodontal Maintenance and Why Might I Need It?

Once gum disease has progressed beyond its early stages, it starts to do damage that can’t be reversed. And the more gum disease progresses, the fewer options you’ll have for treating it minimally invasive procedures. Periodontal maintenance can get your oral health back on track and can help stop the damage from gum disease from […]

How to Avoid Dry Socket After Wisdom Teeth Removal

Ahead of a wisdom teeth removal, some people worry about both the extraction and what could happen after the extraction: dry socket. If a blood clot doesn’t form at the site of a tooth extraction, the extraction site may dry out and develop into a condition known as “dry socket.” Dry socket can delay healing […]

When Do You Need a Periodontist?

With a focus on treating gum disease, a periodontist is a dental specialist that can offer many more services than a general dentist when gum disease progresses from its earliest stage, gingivitis, to periodontitis. Take a look at some of the many things a periodontist in Chicago, IL do to help you get your gum […]

How a Periodontist Can Help You Get Gum Disease Under Control

Gum Disease Two of the most powerful tools in your home are your toothbrush and floss. However, a buildup of plaque on teeth can eventually harden into tartar and facilitate the spread of gum disease. And when tartar is present, it’ll take more than brushing and flossing to keep gum disease from damaging your teeth […]