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Understanding Gum Recession Symptoms,
From Tooth Decay To Sensitive Teeth

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Understanding Symptoms

Having a healthy, bright smile is an objective toward which many individuals strive. Yet, when obstacles such as exposed tooth roots and pain while eating and drinking are daily issues, reaching those smile goals can prove difficult.

Symptoms such as those mentioned here are something a number of patients must overcome; however, many fail to realize what such symptoms are indicating. Often, these types of symptoms point to a condition known as gum recession.

A Description of Gum Recession

What is gum recession? Gum recession is a condition affecting the soft tissues immediately surrounding the teeth. Certain biological or environmental factors cause these tissues to pull away from the teeth and recede down the root surfaces. Though periodontal disease is usually the culprit, gum recession can also be caused by a number of other para-functional habits and biological origins. There is reason for concern, however, beyond those posed by these causative factors. Gum recession can be the start of a whole host of other oral complications.


Sensitive Teeth

If your teeth are sensitive, you may have gum recession.


"Long" Teeth

Do you feel like your teeth are "long"? This is a sign of gum recession!


Food Stuck in Teeth Constantly

If you constantly have to dislodge food from your teeth, you may have recession.

Recognizing Symptoms of Gum Recession

Some symptoms of gum recession are obvious, while others more subtle. Regardless, any suspicions of receding gum tissues should be evaluated by a periodontal expert, such as Dr. Amarik Singh. Consider the following symptoms of gum recession:

The exposed root surfaces are more susceptible to tooth decay than enamel portions of the teeth. Also resulting from exposed roots is the incidence of sensitive teeth, as these surfaces contain small openings communicating directly with the nerve center of the tooth. Because the roots are not as dense as enamel, they are more likely to suffer damage from aggressive homecare and other habits.

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