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Laser Dentistry FAQs

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Laser Dentistry is Innovative

Prominent in both medical and dental treatment protocols today, laser therapy has risen to the forefront of healthcare solutions for a large number of patients. The innovative technology behind laser therapy allows practitioners such as Dr. Amarik Singh to provide precision treatment for a number of dental conditions, from placing dental implants to treating periodontal disease. However, you likely have questions about dental laser treatment options and how this technology can benefit your oral health. Consider the following questions concerning laser therapy and its use in dentistry.

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How Do Lasers Improve Oral Health?

Lasers can be employed in a vast number of dental procedures designed to improve oral health. Lasers help to eliminate infection and disease-causing bacteria within soft tissue, assist in filling preparation for tooth restoration, and perform surgeries involving bone tissue, among other procedures. Because dental laser applications are so site specific, surrounding healthy tissues are not subjected to secondary trauma during treatment.


What Types of Procedures Can a Dental Laser Perform?

Thanks to its versatility in treating hard and soft tissues, a dental laser can be utilized in many types of procedures. Dental laser applications relevant to the field of periodontics and implantology include the following:

  • Laser gum therapy for periodontal disease

  • Implant preparation and placement

  • Gum tissue recontouring

  • Crown lengthening procedures

  • Certain types of oral biopsies

  • Elimination or treatment of oral lesions
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    Is Laser Therapy Painful?

    Laser therapy typically is not painful, as it does not require friction or vibration in order to operate. It also reduces the need for dental anesthesia in a number of procedures. Because treatment with lasers is less invasive than traditional methods, post-operative recovery is more comfortable for the patient and occurs more quickly.


    Are Dental Laser Procedures Safe for Everyone?

    Laser procedures, many of which have been approved by the American Dental Association, are often beneficial for those who may not be candidates for traditional treatments. For instance, very little bleeding and inflammation occur during laser treatment, making these procedures ideal for those with bleeding disorders or taking blood thinners. Dental services utilizing laser technology can be performed on people of all ages, from pediatric to geriatric patients.


    What Are the Benefits of Laser Gum Therapy and Other Laser Procedures?

    Laser gum therapy and other procedures relying on laser technology offer numerous benefits. Primary benefits of laser based treatment include:

  • Precise, accurate protocols

  • Effective elimination of diseased tissue

  • No incisions or sutures

  • Little to no anesthesia

  • Reduced post-operative discomfort

  • Minimized recovery time

  • Fast, natural healing

  • No trauma to surrounding tissues

  • Dr. Amarik Singh is a leading periodontist and implant specialist serving Oakbrook Terrace and Chicago, IL and surrounding communities with innovative laser gum therapy and other advanced oral care solutions. For answers to more of your laser therapy questions, contact our office today to reserve your personalized consultation with Dr. Singh.

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