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Periodontal health is a crucial component of overall vitality and wellness. Periodontal structures, or the gums, bone and periodontal ligament, form the foundation of the oral cavity and support both the function and appearance of an individual. In an effort to eliminate active gum disease and restore health to periodontal structures through crown lengthening procedures, Dr. Amarik Singh employs minimally invasive BIOLASE WaterLase® REPaiR™ Laser Technology in Oakbrook Terrace, IL.

The hundreds of bacteria known to cause periodontal disease multiply rather quickly when allowed to proliferate below the gum line. This disease process must be arrested and prevented from inflicting further damage upon periodontal tissues. Dr. Singh accomplishes these oral health goals by rendering effective, gentle laser gum disease treatment with the BIOLASE REPaiR™ Protocol.

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Gentle, Effective Laser Gum Disease Treatment in Oakbrook Terrace, IL

Performed in stages, this treatment protocol progresses as follows:

Pre-Surgical Stage

Comprehensive assessment of periodontal, dental and overall medical health, initial scaling and root planing therapy, and follow-up reassessment occur within this phase.


Surgical Stage

The WaterLase® laser targets areas resistant to initial scaling and root planing, rids periodontal pockets of diseased tissue, smoothes rough bone tissue, and encourages natural reattachment of the gums through gentle tissue compression.


Post-Surgical Stage

Natural healing of gum tissues is allowed to take place in the presence of specific, gentle homecare instructions. Tissue response and state of periodontal health overall are reevaluated after 90 days.

In the absence of invasive incisions and subsequent need for sutures, gum tissues remain in their natural capacity to heal, minimizing recovery time and optimizing tissue preservation. BIOLASE REPaiR™ Technology offers comfortable laser gum disease treatment that generates effective, measurable results.

Dr. Singh
Discusses The Benefits Of Laser Treatment For Periodontal Disease

The Benefits of BIOLASE REPaiR

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Quick Recovery
With Lasers

Since lasers are so precise and do not grind like a drill, you have less trauma to recover from.

laser being used on gum tissue

Eliminate Diseased

Laser surgery preserves the healthy tissue while eliminating the bad, diseased tissue.

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Smooth Bone for Healthy Attachment

Rough bone is good for bacteria because it’s easy to latch onto. Smooth bone discourages this.

REPaiR™ Technology for Crown Lengthening Procedures

Crown lengthening is a periodontal procedure often required when excess gum and bone tissue impede oral health, tooth restoration efforts, or esthetic goals concerning the smile. The process of crown lengthening involves the removal of these tissues to reveal more of the underlying tooth structure. To accomplish these objectives in the most efficient way and without any secondary damage to oral structures, Dr. Singh utilizes BIOLASE REPaiR Technology with the WaterLase® laser. This highly advanced laser technology is applied to the following types of crown lengthening procedures:

Esthetic Crown Lengthening: When excess gum tissue covers an unbalanced amount of tooth structure, the gentle WaterLase® laser is employed to precisely reduce the gum line to a more favorable level. Further benefits include reducing periodontal pocket depths and tissue overgrowth caused by certain medications or biological factors.

Functional Crown Lengthening: At times, gum and bone tissue may obstruct the ability to place a restoration on a damaged tooth. The WaterLase® laser can be used in such situations to reduce a precise amount of gum and bone structure, increasing the surface area of the tooth and allowing for the placement of a filling, crown or bridge. When BIOLASE REPaiR™ Technology is incorporated into a crown lengthening treatment plan, the results are precise and immediate, facilitating the ultimate goal of a healthy oral environment.

Dr. Amarik Singh remains steadfast in his efforts to bring patients in Oakbrook Terrace, IL and surrounding communities cutting edge, innovative periodontal and implant solutions. For more information on BIOLASE REPaiR™ technology for laser gum disease treatment and crown lengthening and how it might benefit you, contact our office for a consultation today.

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