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Are You Hiding A Gummy Smile?

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Periodontal Plastic Surgery

Some people have an excessive volume of soft tissue that actually covers up parts of their teeth and this results in a gummy smile. Did you know that we can correct this aesthetic issue with periodontal plastic surgery? Dr. Amarik Singh has gained an international reputation as a periodontist and expert in periodontal plastic surgery. Dr. Singh uses a state-of-the-art surgical microscope along with specially developed techniques to achieve amazing esthetic results. We offer several periodontal plastic surgery procedures at our Oakbrook Terrace office to help our patients improve their smile.

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What Our Patients Have To Say

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Not only your positive personality but the upbeat attitudes of your staff made me feel very comfortable at your office where at other offices I have felt like I was just a number rather than a person. All I can say is thank you and you have a referral for life!

Types of Crown Lengthening Procedures

Today’s patients have the advantage of choosing from a vast array of periodontic and cosmetic procedures to improve their smile and save their teeth. If you want to improve your gummy smile or need a tooth restored that has been severely broken, call our office to find out more about your options for periodontal plastic surgery.


Esthetic Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening is the procedure used to improve the esthetic or function of your smile. There are two types of crown lengthening. The first method is called esthetic crown lengthening. This technique is used to improve a gummy smile. Soft tissue and bone are augmented and removed to expose more of the teeth, thus “lengthening” the teeth, to create a wider, fuller smile. Esthetic crown lengthening can be performed on one tooth, but is commonly used to improve your entire smile.


Functional Crown Lengthening

The second method of crown lengthening is called functional crown lengthening. This method is used in order to complete a cosmetic or restorative procedure. Sometimes, if a tooth has too much tooth decay present, is broken below the gum line, or is without enough structure to properly support a restoration, gum tissue will need to be removed in order for the tooth to receive the restoration. The gums will be trimmed and reshaped along with your jaw bone to allow for a successful outcome when restoring a structurally compromised tooth.

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