Help from a Periodontist: How Periodontal Maintenance Can Save Your Smile

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They’ve learned all the same things as a general dentist, yet they’ve added to their education the study and treatment of gum disease. This is why a periodontist is often your best chance at maintaining your smile or saving it, if your condition is severe. From treating the early symptoms of gum disease to replacing missing teeth with dental implants, there’s a lot your local neighborhood periodontist can do for you. Take a look at some of the many things your periodontist can do to save your smile.

What’s Periodontal Maintenance?

Essentially, periodontal maintenance is a treatment plan meant to bring a mouth back from the brink and to set a patient’s oral health back on course. The treatment plan generally entails a series of deep cleanings, also known as scaling and root planing procedures.

Tartar buildup can create pockets between the teeth and gums. Those pockets become breeding grounds for gum disease, which will eat away at the teeth and gums. Scaling and root planing helps reduce or eliminate these pockets.

Here’s what scaling and root planing entail:

Scaling – dental tartar is scaled from the teeth, above and below the gum line.

Root planing – after scaling, the roots of the teeth are smoothed over to help the gum adhere to them more evenly.

When Is It Necessary?

For those with mild to moderate periodontitis, the dentist may recommend a single deep cleaning procedure. But for those with more severe cases, especially those experiencing bone loss, the dentist may recommend a series of deep cleanings: periodontal maintenance.

Here are some of the top indicators that a person needs periodontal maintenance:

  • There are deep pockets between the teeth and gums
  • There are shifted, loose or missing teeth
  • Gum disease has led to bone loss in the jawbones
  • The gums have receded
  • The roots of teeth are exposed
  • And more

Talk with a Periodontist in Chicago, IL

Take a moment to schedule an appointment with a periodontist in Chicago, IL to learn more about your options for everything from gum disease treatment to tooth replacement.

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