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Bone Grafting For Dental Implants

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What Is
A Dental Bone Graft?

The Cascading Effect of Bone Loss

Though a number of factors lead to loss of bone supporting your teeth, one particular constant rings true: Bone loss causes tooth loss, and tooth loss leads to further bone loss. It is this cascading effect of bone deterioration that renders your teeth as risk of becoming lost, makes you an unlikely candidate for receiving dental implants, and produces an overall change in your appearance due to a lack of facial fullness once provided by adequate jaw bone support. Bone loss, however, does not have to be the demise of your beautiful smile. With extensive experience in periodontal surgeries, Dr. Singh has performed countless successful procedures involving a bone graft in Chicago, IL patients. You, too, can rely on Dr. Singh to rebuild the foundation of a brilliant smile.

Rebuilding Smiles Begins With Proper Bone Support

Loss of the bone tissue surrounding your teeth can be caused by factors such as periodontal disease, endodontic infection, injury or trauma, and missing teeth. Without this bone to support your teeth, the risk of tooth mobility, tooth loss, and other oral consequences becomes a major concern, having a significant impact on your smile and oral health. In such cases, Dr. Singh may recommend a bone graft to strengthen and rebuild areas that have sustained deterioration. Bone grafting procedures may include:


Autogenous Graft

Bone is sourced from another area of your body, such as the chin.



A non-human bone sample is used, such as from a bovine origin.



Human bone tissue is placed, typically retrieved from a bone bank.

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Add Strength and Stability to At-Risk Teeth

When Is a Bone Graft Necessary?

Bone grafting may be necessary in a number of circumstances, such as to return fullness to your facial appearance following bone loss or preserve an extraction site for future tooth replacement. However, replacing bone becomes particularly important when periodontal disease has put one or more teeth in peril of becoming lost. Periodontal disease causes the destruction of bone that supports the teeth, leading to tooth loss for many individuals. If you have at-risk teeth, talk to Dr. Singh about receiving a bone graft to restore your oral health and preserve your smile.

Bone Grafting Enables Dental Implant Placement

Nothing replaces missing teeth like dental implants. With an astounding 178 million Americans having lost a minimum of one tooth, implant solutions have become favored among patients and periodontists alike*. However, this preferred tooth replacement option relies heavily on adequate bone for support and proper function. If you have suffered bone loss in areas of tooth loss, you may still be able to receive dental implants following a bone grafting procedure. To learn if you are a candidate for dental implants or bone grafting, schedule your visit with Dr. Singh today.

Whether your needs for receiving a bone graft in Oakbrook Terrace, IL stem from bone loss due to periodontal disease or a desire to receive dental implants, Dr. Amarik Singh offers the advanced skill and unequivocal expertise to rebuild your smile. Contact our office today to learn more about bone grafting procedures and to reserve your personalized consultation with our leading expert.


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