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Below is a timeline that outlines the steps and procedures that are normally required for you dental implant procedure. Please remember that there is no way to predict an individual’s healing response and all patients heal differently.

Our Smile Transformation Process


Consultation With Dr. Singh

From teeth cleanings to x-rays and oral cancer screenings we’re the hub for all your preventive dentistry care. Each visit will be tailored to your unique needs while always offering the highest level of care. Routine visits should be maintained twice a year in order to catch early signs of dental decay and disease and prevent them altogether.


Consultation With Restorative Dentist

The restorative dentist will be the doctor who designs the crown that will sit on the implant. This is the visible part of the dental implant and the consultation will ensure the end result looks natural.


Impressions Taken for Surgical Guide

We will take multiple impressions before your dental implant procedure. These impressions are used to create a surgical guide that ensures we place your implant in the right place the first time.


CT Scan and Surgical Placement of Implants

The day of your implant placement, CT scans will be taken of your mouth to ensure the surgical guide is accurate. We pride ourselves in placing implants correctly the first time for maximum success.


Seven Days After Surgery

Seven days after your procedure your sutures will be removed by a surgical assistant.

Why Dental Implant Placement Experience Matters


Six to Eight Weeks After Surgery

Six to eight weeks after your procedure you will have your first follow up appointment with Dr. Singh. He will check the dental implant and ensure that everything is healing properly.


Ten to Twelve Weeks After Surgery

Ten to twelve weeks after surgery you will have you second follow up appointment with Dr. Singh during which he will continue to monitor your progress.


Final Follow Up Appointment

During your final follow up appointment the implant and the area surrounding it will be examined. If healing has progressed nicely, implant exposure may occur.


Consultation With Restorative Dentist

During this appointment, your restorative dentist will examine the area around the implant and work with you to design a crown for your new smile.


Impressions for Final Abutment and Crown

A final set of impressions will be taken before your final abutment and crown are created. This ensures an exact fit the first time.


Delivery of Final Abutment and Crown

During your final appointment your permanent abutment and crown will be placed. When you leave the office you will have a beautiful new smile!

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