Will Anything Happen If I Don’t Treat My Gum Recession In Oak Brook, IL?

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Gum recession in Oak Brook, IL affects countless people. When people have gum recession, their soft tissues will be pulled away from their tooth surface where bad bacteria resides. If gum recession is not immediately treated by a skilled and trusted periodontist, then it can end up causing many more problems.

Want to know more about what will happen if people don’t get their gum recession treated? Here is what will happen if people don’t get their gum recession treated.


What Will Happen If You Don’t Treat Your Gum Recession In Oak Brook, IL

The gums play a pivotal role in protecting people’s teeth and bones. Gum recession occurs when a person’s gums begin to pull back, exposing their tooth roots and jawbone to bacteria. The effects of gum recession can be very pronounced, causing the person’s teeth to look long and their gums unevenly distributed.

If teeth are not adequately shielded, by gums, from debris, plaque, calculus, and bacteria, they may start to cause other dental problems, like tooth sensitivity. Many people with gum recession don’t like that it causes their teeth to look longer. Once a person’s gum tissues recede, the gum tissues will not go back to their normal levels on their own.

What Types Of Gum Recession Procedures Can I Get Treated With?

At a quality periodontists office, gum recession can get treated with traditional gum grafting or the Pinhole Surgical Technique™.

Traditional Gum Grafting:

Traditional gum grafting is a process that takes gum tissue (or another soft tissue) from one place in a patient’s mouth, and sutures it to the place where they have gum recession.

Pinhole Surgical Technique:

The Pinhole Surgical Technique is a less invasive gum grafting procedure that does not require the patient to be cut or sutured. The periodontist makes a small hole in the gums and uses the Pinhole Surgical Technique to maneuver the existing gum tissue into a healthier place.

Both types of gum recession treatments are reliable ways to build back healthier gums for the patient so that their tooth sensitivity is treated, and their smile enhanced.


See Us Now So We Can Treat Your Gum Recession

Gum recession can have detrimental effects on your health and your confidence. To correct your gum recession using the latest and proven procedures, you should come to our caring and advanced office. We have the latest techniques and technologies that can transform your smile.

Don’t wait to improve the health and function of your smile with us. Get in contact with our doctors, Dr. Singh and our exceptional team at our office to schedule an appointment today!

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