4 Reasons Why Patients Prefer Laser Gum Treatment Over Traditional Surgery

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The key to optimal dental health is strong gums. Many patients spend all of their time on a cleaning routine that only focuses on their teeth. Dr. Amarik Singh, who treats gum disease in Chicago, IL, recommends patients take better care of their gums to improve oral health outcomes. If you have problems with gum disease, it is important to seek treatment. We offer laser gum therapy that helps restore your gum tissue to its natural, healthy state. Laser surgery is a much less stressful experience compared to the traditional surgical method. Here are four reasons why patients prefer our laser treatments.

1. Less Downtime
Our WaterLase® Dental Laser is able to effectively pinpoint and treat the diseased areas of your gums without cutting into the tissue. It uses a combination of water and a laser light to restore the tissue in your mouth. This means you do not have to worry about a long recovery time with stitches or days off of work. Many patients return to their jobs the day after treatment.

2. Reduced Pain
Because of the precision of the dental laser and the lack of a scalpel and cutting, patients experience much less pain during the procedure. There is usually no need for a prescription pain medication after the treatment.

3. Minimally Invasive
Some patients get nervous anytime they hear the word surgery. Watching videos of laser gum surgery can help anxious patients feel more comfortable about the process. They will see how minimally invasive the procedure is and how it does not even really look like a surgical process.

4. Improved Outlook
Dr. Singh and his staff prefer using this treatment most of all because of the faster healing time and improved outlook. We have been pleased with the outcomes of our patients and the improvements we have seen in their oral health. To find out more about our laser surgical treatments we offer at our office, contact us today. We can discover if your individual case qualifies for this incredible treatment.

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