Restoring Your Smile Through Dental Implants

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Dental Implants And Smile Restoration 
Dental implants are quickly becoming the preferred method of treatment for missing teeth in America. In fact, the American Academy of Implant Dentistry reports that 3 million people in the U.S. have already sought such treatment, and as many as 500,000 more join their ranks every year. There are plenty of good reasons behind this growing trend, chief of which is that implants succeed where so many other treatments fail by addressing all of the functions of your teeth.

Among all of the effects that tooth loss can have, perhaps the most difficult to cope with is the loss of confidence you experience. No one wants to flash a gap-filled smile. At the same time, your teeth offer much more than their aesthetic function. They assist with tasks such as:

  • • Tearing, chewing and grinding food
  • • Helping you speak by assisting in the formation of the phonemes (sounds) that make up words
  • • Supporting your various facial structures
    Implants succeed in addressing both function and aesthetics where missing teeth are concerned.

The Aesthetic and Functional Benefits of Implants

The ceramic used to form the crown that fits on top of your titanium implant gives the appearance of a natural tooth. Furthermore, because implants are permanently affixed, they do not shift around in your mouth and alter the appearance of your face or smile. With the proper care, they can also maintain the same bright white hue as your original teeth.

Other treatment options may require that you prepare your foods differently or avoid certain types altogether. Implants, however, are able to chew and grind food in the same manner of natural teeth, allowing you to maintain a similar diet. Their permanent placement also assist with the enunciation of sounds. Finally, they also stimulate bone growth in your jaw, preventing (and even reversing) the deterioration that accompanies tooth loss.

A bright, healthy smile and all of the functional benefits that come with it have been withheld from you for long enough. Let Dr. Amarik Singh give you back the freedom and confidence that tooth loss robbed you of. To discuss your candidacy for dental implants, contact us here at Periodontal Implant Associates today.

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