Love Your Mouth and Love Your Gums

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While it can be easy to think of oral health as centering around the teeth, the stars of the show, overall oral health is just as much about the gums as it is about the teeth. Gum disease, unfortunately, is one of the most common concerns in dentistry today. The signs and symptoms of this condition as it progresses can include everything from sensitivity in the teeth to bleeding when eating firm foods to having bad breath, or halitosis. Though many people might think it’s not out of the ordinary to experience a little pain or discomfort while brushing or flossing, this can actually be a red flag that the gums are infected, inflamed and even receding.

Healthy Gums Equal Fresh Breath
Did you know that healthy gums and healthy breath go hand-in-hand? While many people might think that bad breath is simply the result of a particularly potent meal or skipping one session of brushing and can be easily fixed by a stick of gum or a refreshing mint, bad breath has a much deeper origin.

When your gums are inflamed and infected, as is the case with gum disease, your breath becomes stale and odorous with the bacteria and decay that is living in your mouth. Consequently, when your gums are healthy and clean, your breath is much more likely to be pleasant and even sweet-smelling. The bottom line is that your breath, good or bad, is one easy and simple way to judge the health of your gums.

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