Discover the Advantages of Dental Implants

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Today there are so many advances in medical technology that patients are likely to have many questions. Which treatment options are going to deliver the longest lasting care solutions? Which options are going to have the best outcomes today and tomorrow? Research has shown again and again that dental implants offer patients some of the most satisfying results and most reliable performance of all oral health treatment options. Now you can get dental implants in Chicago, IL, from a team you already know and trust. We are pleased to offer this valuable treatment solution to our patients. Dr. Amarik Singh of Periodontal Implant Associates is here to help you regain dental function and confidence in the appearance of your smile.

The Facts Behind Dental Implants
Many people believe that traditional dentures are the only way to replace missing teeth. While dentures and other forms of traditional bridgework have provided a valuable treatment solution for generations, dental implants and the Full Arch Dental Implants® are important alternatives. Here are a few facts that patients should know:

  • • People of all ages are affected by tooth loss. Far from being just a concern of the elderly, tooth loss can occur at any age for many different reasons. Disease, injury, and other causes can lead to tooth loss.
  • • Missing teeth can have health-related consequences. While many patients are understandably concerned about the cosmetic impact of lost teeth, there are health-related impacts to be mindful of. For instance, bone loss may occur at the site of a missing tooth.
  • • Dental implants are suitable for many patients. Ideal candidates for dental implants include adults who are generally in good health, who do not smoke, and who do not have gum disease.

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The best way to determine if getting dental implants in Chicago, IL, is a good course of treatment for you is to make an appointment with Dr. Singh. We look forward to helping you enjoy improved oral health with the help of dental implants and other care services. Call Periodontal Implant Associates today at (630) 424-9404.

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