Why Should I Use The Pinhole Surgical Technique™ In Chicago, IL?

Graphic Of Gum Recession Around Teeth

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Some people feel like they just woke up one day and realized they had receding gums. Their experience is not unusual. Many people with gum recession tell a similar story. This is because gums tend to recede over time. Not until the patient notices the recession visually or feels the side effects do they realize it is time to talk with a doctor. Luckily, the Pinhole Surgical Technique™ in Chicago, IL, can correct a patient’s gum recession problems.

Never heard of the Pinhole Surgical Technique? It is a revolutionary, breakthrough method to treat gum recession without any incisions or sutures. In fact, it has become widely recognized as the most minimally invasive way to shift the gums into more protective, healthy positions.


What Is The Pinhole Surgical Technique?

The Pinhole Surgical Technique, sometimes referred to as PST, makes use of a patient’s existing gum tissue. Using very specialized tools, a doctor can make small “pinhole” openings at the site of a patient’s gum recession. The doctor can use those tiny openings to reach the gum tissue underneath and carefully manipulate it. By the end of the appointment, the patient’s gum recession is treated and they have a more normal and natural looking gum line.

Because the Pinhole Surgical Technique is so gentle on patients’ soft tissues, they can see an improvement immediately. Healing tends to be very quick, too. Additionally, the Pinhole Surgical Technique is so predictable that it has a reputation for an extremely high success rate.

Who Is A Candidate For The Pinhole Surgical Technique In Chicago, IL?

Like so many other advanced dentistry procedures, the Pinhole Surgical Technique is right for countless patients. However, a doctor needs to evaluate each patient’s individual situation to make sure of a few things that are necessary for them to undergo this effective procedure.

First, patients should have enough gum tissue at the places where they are experiencing gum recession. If their gums are too thin, they may want to consider a different type of solution.

Secondly, a patient’s gums and mouth need to be disease-free. If patients have unmanaged gum disease, they will need to undergo a periodontal treatment, like scaling and root planing, before they can be considered for the Pinhole Surgical Technique.

Finally, patients should be practicing good dental hygiene at home. Remember that good dental hygiene includes ceasing bad habits like nicotine use and tooth grinding.


We Can Treat You With The Pinhole Surgical Technique

Choosing the right doctor who can perform the Pinhole Surgical Technique in Chicago, IL, is the first step to treating your gum recession. Our team, led by Dr. Amarik Singh, offers the Pinhole Surgical Technique for patients. Even if the Pinhole Surgical Technique is not right for your case, Dr. Singh can introduce you to other ways to correct your receding gums, such as with more traditional gum grafting.

There is no need to live with the discomfort and frustration caused by untreated gum recession. Get in contact with Dr. Amarik Singh and our team of dental professionals at our Periodontal Implant Associates office to schedule an appointment today!

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