Which Types Of Non-Surgical Periodontal Treatments In Oak Brook, IL, Can I Get Treated With?

an image of a periodontist pointing at a dental implant model that shows the dental implant post in the gum line, next to a natural tooth.

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When people are hesitant to take care of their periodontal (gum) disease because they would rather not undergo a surgical procedure, then they should go to a quality periodontist’s office to get treated with non-surgical periodontal treatments in Oak Brook, IL. There are a number of state-of-the-art, non-surgical periodontal treatments patients can get treated with when they go to a skilled and trusted periodontist.


Interested to learn about the specific types of non-surgical periodontal treatments patients can get treated with? Here is more information on the exact types of non-surgical periodontal treatments patients can get treated with.

The Non-Surgical Periodontal Treatments In Oak Brook, IL Patients Can Get Treated With

Many cases of periodontal disease can be resolved with non-surgical treatments, thanks to advanced techniques and technologies. Non-surgical periodontal treatments resolve patients gum disease issues by using streamlined protocols that promote faster healing for the patient, as well as give them immediate relief from the symptoms of progressive oral infection.


There are a few types of non-surgical periodontal treatment available to patients, who are good candidates for a less invasive gum disease solution. The following are the types of non-surgical periodontal treatments patients can get treated with.

Worn Filling Replacement:

Although dental fillings can last for more than a decade, they may wear out, crack, or become unbonded from the surface of a tooth. When they do, they create a space for bacteria to grow in. Replacing those worn fillings stops them from becoming a site where infection can develop. Many patients who undergo other types of non-surgical periodontal treatment are also prime candidates for having their fillings professionally replaced.

Scaling And Root Planing:

Scaling and root planing procedures involve the periodontist carefully removing buildup from the surface of the patient’s teeth, just below their natural gum line. To make scaling and root planing procedures more comfortable, the periodontist uses the latest equipment to perform it. After this non-surgical periodontal treatment, the patient’s gums are more likely to reattach and form a protective shield around their teeth.

Antibiotic Treatment:

The use of antibiotics to treat the underlying infection associated with gum disease is appropriate for many types of patients. Antibiotics can be delivered through prescription medications, and they can be taken by mouth. An antibiotic treatment can also be a liquid that is applied to the affected area of the mouth to control bacteria growth.

Occlusal Adjustment:

Patients with misaligned bites may grind their teeth or find it harder to evenly distribute dental forces when biting and chewing. This can lead to teeth chipping and fracturing, which may create an avenue for gum disease to develop or worsen there. An occlusal adjustment involves the periodontist realigning the bite to a more neutral position, so that the patient’s teeth, jawbone, and surrounding oral structures are not at risk.

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