What Should I Know About Peri-Implantitis In Oak Brook, IL?

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After replacing one or more missing teeth with dental implants, patients should monitor their new smile in case they develop peri-implantitis in Oak Brook, IL. If peri-implantitis is left to destroy the bone and gum tissue surrounding the patients dental implant, it could lead to them losing the dental implant.

There are numerous other things that people should know about peri-implantitis. Continue reading to learn in more detail about what peri-implantitis is and how it can be treated.

What Peri-Implantitis In Oak Brook, IL Is

Peri-implantitis is an infection that occurs around a surgically placed dental implant post. Like periodontal (gum) disease, peri-implantitis will not disappear on its own. When people have peri-implantitis, it will need to be professionally diagnosed, treated, and cared for by a skilled and trusted periodontist.

Are There Symptoms That Indicate I Have Peri-Implantitis?

After getting their missing teeth replaced with dental implants, some patients may develop symptoms that indicate they have peri-implantitis. The most common symptoms of peri-implantitis are swelling, redness, or tenderness in the soft tissues surrounding the dental implant post.

For some people, peri-implantitis symptoms will include pus coming from between the dental implant post and the gums. Very rarely, peri-implantitis symptoms will include people feeling pain or discomfort while they are biting or chewing.

A quality periodontist will examine the patients dental implant to see if they have peri-implantitis symptoms. Once it has been determined that the patient has peri-implantitis, it should be immediately treated so that they do not lose their dental implant.

How Can Peri-Implantitis Be Treated?

Peri-implantitis can be expertly treated with the BIOLASE WaterLase® REPaiR Implant™ protocol. This advanced protocol is used to eradicate the active infection and restore the patient’s dental health and functionality. The following are the specific ways The BIOLASE WaterLase® Implant™ protocol is used to treat people’s peri-implantitis:

  • Allows the periodontist to get to the dental implant post with ease
  • Completely removes tartar buildup from the dental implant
  • Effectively removes diseased tissues and bacteria from the site of the dental implant
  • Promotes surrounding tissue reattachment to the patient’s dental implant
  • Gives patients a gentle and minimally invasive peri-implantitis treatment


See Us Now So We Can Determine If You Have Peri-Implantitis

Are you unsure about whether or not you have developed peri-implantitis? When you come to our dedicated, advanced, and caring office, we can expertly determine if you have peri-implantitis. What’s more, we can treat your peri-implantitis with the state-of-the-art BIOLASE WaterLase REPaiR Implant protocol.

Why wait to begin your journey towards a healthier and happier smile with us? Get in contact with Dr. Amarik Singh and our exceptional team at our Periodontal Implant Associates office to schedule an appointment today!

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