What Factors Affect The Cost Of Dental Implants In Oak Brook, IL?

a dental professional showing a patient a dental implant model to show her what dental factors can affect the cost of her dental implant procedure.

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When patients work with a leading periodontist to map out their treatment plan, they can expect to undergo a thorough evaluation. The evaluation will include the periodontist taking diagnostics right away in addition to a comprehensive examination and discussion about the patient’s health history and smile goals. During their initial consultation, patients will also be given an idea of how much their dental implants in Oak Brook, IL, will cost.

This price will be unique to every individual because it will take many factors into consideration. These factors will likely alter what is done and how the patient is treated during their dental implant treatment. Below are some of the most common factors that affect the cost of dental implants from patient to patient.


What Affects The Cost Of Dental Implant Procedures In Oak Brook, IL?


One of the biggest additional costs to any dental implant treatment is the cost to add bone density to weakened areas of the jaw. When teeth are lost or extracted, the jawbone naturally begins to lose strength. In time, this means the bone is less suitable for supporting one or more dental implant posts. The solution to this concern is usually some type of bone grafting procedure.

A bone grafting procedure is an excellent, reliable method to improve a patient’s bone density in specific locations of their mouth. If patients need bone grafting in their lower jaw, the periodontist can surgically place grafting material into the site where the implant will be located.

Before a bone grafting procedure can be completed, patients will sometimes need a sinus lift. A sinus lift (also referred to as a sinus augmentation) involves a periodontist pushing existing bone upward into the sinus cavities. This leaves room for grafting material to go into the area where the bone used to be. In time, the bone fuses with the surrounding natural bone and affords a more substantial stabilizer for a dental implant.

Ridge preservation is also used to prevent a patient’s jawbone from degenerating before they can get treated with lasting dental implants. After a tooth is extracted, the socket is filled with grafting material in this procedure. The idea is to preserve the space for a future dental implant.

Of course, patients may have perfectly strong bone, which is wonderful. However, if patients are diagnosed with untreated gum disease or another issue, they will need to take care of that concern before they can undergo dental implant surgery.

With these effective treatments, patients can have the best chance of having a natural-looking smile for life. It is best for patients to talk to their periodontist about the possibility of their needing these preliminary procedures so that they can make educated decisions on the factors that could affect the cost of their dental implants.


Find Out The Cost For Your Dental Implants In Oak Brook, IL


At our caring and advanced practice, we are upfront about the costs of every patient’s dental implant procedure. After your initial consultation, you will receive a thorough price breakdown. We can tell you about financing options, too. This allows you to make the best dental and financial decisions based on a customized treatment designed for you.

Stop worrying about the potential cost of your dental implant’s procedure. Come to our advanced practice so we can go over the price factors with you! Get in contact with Dr. Amarik Singh and our dedicated team of professionals at our Periodontal Implant Associates office to schedule an appointment today.

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