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Systemic Effects of Gum Disease - Oakbrook Terrace & CHICAGO, IL

Gum Disease Effects Go Far Beyond The Mouth

Your Body is Affected by Oral Health

Though gum disease is an oral infection, the effects of this progressive condition go far beyond that of the teeth, gum tissues and supporting jaw bone. Gum disease dangers are far-reaching, often impacting other organs and bodily systems we rely upon to keep us healthy and active. A great body of research has evolved over the years concerning the relationship between gum disease and systemic health effects – a relationship Dr. Amarik Singh takes very seriously.

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Treat the Mouth, Improve Overall Health

There is no denying that a healthy mouth helps support a healthy body, and vice versa. For instance, having healthy teeth and eating capabilities allows for the intake of nourishing foods offering essential vitamins and minerals for brain, cardiac and other organ function. However, the relationship between periodontal disease and systemic health often goes unrecognized by a number of individuals. Dr. Singh seeks to educate patients about this very significant relationship, leading to earlier identification, treatment of periodontal infection, and improved systemic health overall.

We Can Help You With Your Gum Disease

Gum Disease Effects on the Body

To truly understand the scope of gum disease dangers, it is important to gain insight into how gum disease affects various parts of the body. Consider the following bodily systems impacted by the presence of gum disease in the mouth:


Blood sugar levels impact the severity of periodontal disease, and the degree of periodontal infection affects blood sugar regulation in the body. Both diabetes and periodontal disease must be tightly controlled to keep the other in check.

Cardiac Health

People who have gum disease are at least seven times more likely to suffer a heart attack.


Bacteria known to cause periodontal disease have been identified in arterial blockages leading to cardiac events and stroke.

Birthing and Fetal Health

The presence of periodontal disease increases the incidence of premature delivery and low birth weight infants.

Memory Problems

Studies have shown that those with gum disease have a greater propensity for memory loss and dementia.

Certain Cancers

Pancreatic, head and neck cancers seem to exhibit a relationship with periodontal infection in some patients.

Bacteria enter the bloodstream through small wounds in the gum tissue and travel to other areas of the body, lodging in those tissues and producing harmful effects. Reducing the proliferation of bacterial colonies in the mouth through effective treatment can help minimize gum disease effects on the body.

Dr. Amarik Singh is experienced in gum disease dangers and systemic health effects. To learn whether or not your oral and overall health are at risk due to periodontal infection, contact our Oakbrook Terrace, IL office today to schedule your consultation.