What Are All the Perks of Getting Dental Implants?

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Perks Of Getting Dental Implants 
For many people, the restored ability to chew and smile confidently are all the perks needed for them to invest in dental implants. Yet, as good as regaining your ability to smile and chew confidently is, the perks of having dental implants replace missing teeth don’t end there. Take a look at some of the other perks you should consider when weighing a decision on whether or not to pursue getting dental implants.

Better Oral Health
Replacing broken or decayed teeth with dental implants makes for a healthier mouth. Even teeth that have already fallen out will likely leave behind a socket that takes a lot of extra effort to maintain to keep it from being overrun with bacteria.

Better Enunciation
Missing teeth can change the way your words sound. Traditional dentures can also distort your words when they slide around your mouth due to poor adhesion. Not only do dental implant fill in voids left by natural teeth, they also stay in place much better than traditional dentures.

Improved Facial Appearance
When you lose a tooth, the area of the jawbone where the teeth were once planted begins to deteriorate. It results in the face sagging in the area and ultimately distorts your smile. Because dental implants are planted in the jaw just like real teeth, they can help slow or halt this deterioration. And with a supporting procedure such as a bonegraft, dental implants can restore your smile to its prime.

They’re Durable and Could Last You the Rest of Your Life
Depending on how well you take care of your dental implants and any remaining natural teeth you have, your implants could last you the rest of your life. The low-end projections for the life span of dental implants start at 12 years, but more and more people are pushing that number well beyond 20 years with no end in sight.

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