Is There A Procedure Process To Place Dental Implants In Oak Brook, IL?

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People can replace their missing teeth with a personalized dental implant procedure process. In a personalized procedure process to place dental implants in Oak Brook, IL, patients will be able to restore the look and function of their smile for years to come.

Whether people need to get treated with single dental implants or full mouth dental implants, the dental implant procedure process is a trusted and reliable tooth replacement option. Here is more information on what dental implant procedure processes looks like.

What Happens During A Dental Implant Procedure Process?

When people with one or more missing teeth get dental implants in Oak Brook, IL placed in a personalized procedure process, they can have a restored new smile that lets them eat the foods they want, speak clearly, and smile confidently. The following is the customized procedure process patients can get treated with when they go to a skilled periodontist for dental implants:

Initial Consultation:

A personalized dental implant procedure process will begin with the patient having a consultation with a reputable periodontist. The restorative dentist will also work with the patient to make sure they get the exact new smile they need and deserve. The periodontist will evaluate the patient’s oral health and plan the way their dental prosthesis will look.

Impressions And CT Scans:

The periodontist will then take impressions of the patient’s teeth so a surgical guide can be made for the dental implants to be accurately and precisely placed with. On the day of the patient’s dental implant surgery, CBCT scans will be taken of their mouth to make sure the surgical guide is accurate.


Placing The Dental Implants:

Before the patient’s dental implants are placed, they will be treated with a custom form and amount of sedation dentistry so that they have a comfortable and anxiety-free procedure experience. With an expert periodontist’s latest techniques and advanced technologies, the patient’s dental implants will be correctly placed the first time for the most trusted results.

The dental implants will be strategically placed in areas of the patients jawbone where they have enough jawbone density to support them. Once the dental implants are placed, they will fuse with the patients surrounding jawbone so that they have a permanent new smile. The dental implant post is designed to act like a natural tooth root. When the dental implant post is placed in the jawbone, it stimulates it so that it is strong and healthy

The Final Prosthesis:

Over the course of a few months, the patient will come back to the periodontist’ office to have their sutures removed and to have their progress monitored. When the patient’s mouth has healed and the final prosthesis is ready, the final prosthesis will be placed and bonded to the dental implants.


See Us Now So You Can Have A Personalized Procedure Process

Whether you need to replace one or more of your missing teeth, our quality office can give you the smile of your dreams through our personalized procedure process for dental implants in Oak Brook, IL. Don’t wait to improve your smile with us. Get in contact with our doctor, Dr. Amarik Singh at our office by Oakbrook Terrace, IL to schedule your consultation today!

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