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Importance Of Gum Recession Treatment - CHICAGO, IL

How Receding Gum Tissues Impact The Health Of Your Smile

Might Have Recession?

Are you experiencing the symptoms of gum recession, such as tooth sensitivity, root decay, or even loose teeth? Oral health problems such as receding gum tissues have a significant impact on the current and future state of your smile. Gum recession occurs when certain factors cause the soft tissues to pull away from the surfaces of the teeth and begin to recede down the root.

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The Pinhole Surgical Technique™ Treats Gum Recession. Without Grafting.

Early Identification Helps Attain Oral Health

Recognizing factors contributing to gum recession as early as possible is key to achieving and maintaining healthy teeth, gums, and jaw bone. Once the condition is diagnosed, however, proceeding with proper treatment is imperative to the longevity of these oral structures. To help patients suffering from gum recession regain a vibrant, healthy smile, Dr. Amarik Singh offers a number of highly effective treatment options in our Oakbrook Terrace, IL periodontal practice.

Without Gum Recession Treatment, Great Risks Are Assumed

You may be wondering why treating gum recession is so important to overall oral health, especially if you are not experiencing any pain or discomfort associated with the condition. However, returning receding tissues to a healthier state helps mitigate the risks of other oral complications that may result from exposed root surfaces. Such risks include the following:

  • Root surface decay or damage requiring restorative treatment
  • Daily discomfort from tooth sensitivity (particularly to hot and cold foods and drinks)
  • Perpetuation of periodontal disease and subsequent bone loss
  • Esthetic concerns, such as root discoloration, long teeth, and darks spaces between teeth
  • Loose teeth and ultimate tooth loss

Equally as important as treating gum recession is targeting the underlying reasons for the condition. Treating periodontal disease and eliminating lifestyle habits such a smoking are imperative in ridding the body of the negative stimuli consequentially leading to gum recession. Furthermore, reserving the delicate soft tissues through improved homecare techniques and regular dental cleaning and exams is the backbone of any oral health care plan and essential to maintaining healthy teeth, gums, and bone.

Dr. Amarik Singh provides gum recession treatment through both traditional and advanced procedures. To learn if you are a candidate for gum recession treatment, contact our Oakbrook Terrace, IL office today and schedule your personalized consultation.