How Laser Dentistry Can Help Rid You of Gum Disease

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Gum Disease
You can tell you have gum disease when you experience bright red gum tissue, loose teeth, constant toothaches or halitosis. You may be worried about visiting the periodontist’s office, but allowing this disease to grow will only cause further problems down the line. Fortunately, you no longer have much to worry about in terms of treatment because Dr. Amarik Singh’s office provides laser dentistry in Chicago, IL.

How Does It Work?
In the past, the only way for periodontists to address gum problems was to cut into the gum tissue. While anesthetic would be used, which would result in a lengthy recovery period. These days, periodontists can use precise lasers to eliminate harmful bacteria without ever having to cut into the tissue. Lasers can also be used for teeth whitening, lesion removal and tooth decay treatment.

What Are the Benefits?
In addition to less pain, laser dentistry benefits include an increase and assurance of treatment with greater precision. Less of the jaw bone tissue and teeth will be affected. This conserves more of your natural oral structures so that you can maintain healthy teeth for longer. Lasers also help ensure fewer dental visits. Depending on the extent of the damage, some people would ordinarily require multiple trips to the periodontist to completely eradicate gum disease. Luckily, you can now save yourself time and hassle by having a laser take care of everything in one visit. There is also a decreased chance of an infection developing. Cutting into tissue always poses the risk of an infection no matter how careful the periodontist is. Lasers sterilize areas they touch, which prevents bacteria from spreading during treatment.

Where Can You Receive Laser Dentistry?
Dr. Singh and the rest of the staff at Periodontal Implant Associates have used laser dentistry on many patients to great success. You can be next, so give us a call if you want an effective method of treating your periodontal disease.

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