Full Arch Dental Implants in Chicago, IL

An image of full mouth dental implants in Chicago, IL.

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Some may be surprised to know that tooth loss amongst adults is extremely common. When people have a full arch of missing teeth, it can get in the way of them living a normal life. While some people with a full arch of missing teeth have opted for dentures to try and repair their smile, others have lived with the embarrassment of missing teeth. Luckily, full arch dental implants in Chicago, IL are a proven and reliable way for people to restore their smile.

Continue reading to learn how full mouth dental implants can restore the look and function of a patient’s smile.

What Are Full Mouth Dental Implants In Chicago, IL?

Full mouth dental implants are a life improving tooth replacement option that allows a trusted periodontist to replace all of the teeth on the top and/ or bottom of a patients mouth with four or more dental implants. This state-of-the-art full arch tooth replacement option is typically constructed from strong titanium material that fuses with the patient’s jawbone to form a strong foundation for their new teeth.

How Do I Benefit From Full Mouth Dental Implants?

There are many benefits that come with getting treated with full mouth dental implants. These benefits include:

Easy Maintenance

Patients can care for their full mouth dental implants exactly like they would with their natural teeth and gums.

Quick Recovery

When strategically placed by a skilled periodontist, the recovery period is quick for a full mouth dental implant procedure.

Increased Confidence

With a full arch of accurately placed and natural looking new teeth, patients can have the confidence to smile again.

Long-Term Results

When the dental implants are securely placed in the patient’s jawbone, they fuse with it to give patients a permanent new smile. Once the final prosthesis is placed, patients can benefit from their new smile for years to come.

Restores Dental Functionality

With full arch dental implants, patients can eat whatever they would like because their new teeth and restored jawbone allow them to do so.

Is Advanced Technology Used For Full Mouth Dental Implant Procedures?

The use of advanced technologies has helped improve the success rates, efficiency, comfort, and healing of full mouth dental implant procedure processes. The Sirona Galileos 3D CT scanner, for instance, is a dental technology that a trusted periodontist uses to treat patients with full mouth dental implants in Chicago, IL. This type of scanner delivers images of all the oral structures in the mouth (e.g., teeth, bone, nerves).

The images show the periodontist, not just the patient’s oral structures, but how they interact in a three-dimensional capacity. With a 3D CT scanner, a doctor can see all the intricacies of a patient’s mouth and more confidently and precisely map out a surgical full mouth dental implant workflow.

Another dental technology that a skilled periodontist uses is digital x-rays. A digital x-ray requires less radiation than a conventional x-ray and sends back information about the patient’s teeth, gums, and bones to the periodontist. When combined with 3D CT scans, digital x-ray images can give a periodontist tremendous insight into the patient’s oral structures.

What Happens If I Do Not Replace My Missing Teeth With Full Mouth Dental Implants? 

When people have a full arch of missing teeth, it does not just affect their teeth or their smile, it also affects their jawbone. The longer that teeth go unreplaced with a restorative tooth replacement option, the weaker the jawbone becomes. When missing teeth are left unreplaced for too long, the jawbone can begin to go through reabsorption.

Reabsorption happens because, without tooth roots, the jawbone is not stimulated. Specifically, the tooth root stimulates the jawbone so that it regenerates and stays strong, restoring the jawbones density and health. Without that stimulation, the jawbone stops reproducing and begins to resorb. Not only does this put any remaining teeth at risk of becoming loose, but it can lead to a shrinking, prematurely aged jawline.

Full arch dental implants are structurally created to replace the stimulation of tooth roots. Once placed, they stop bone loss from continuing. Therefore, the sooner that a periodontist can place full mouth dental implants, the better. In fact, it may be possible in some cases for the periodontist to remove teeth and place implants during the same surgical procedure.

Even those who have jawbone resorption can still restore their smile with full mouth dental implants if they first get treated with a bone grafting procedure.


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