What Advanced Receding Gum Treatment In Oak Brook, IL, Can I Get Treated With?

dental patient smiling.

Untreated gum recession can put people’s teeth at risk for future decay and infection. To fix this common dental concern, people should go to a high-quality periodontist to treat their receding gums with an advanced receding gum treatment in Oak Brook, IL. Interested in learning about what the advanced receding gum treatment is that people […]

Are There Receding Gum Treatments In Oak Brook, IL?

a close up image of gum recession on a lower arch of teeth that can get treated with receding gum treatments.

Receding gums are more than just an annoyance or an eyesore. They can leave peoples teeth and jawbone unprotected from harmful bacteria. Fortunately, people with receding gums can get them treated with state-of-the-art receding gum treatments in Oak Brook, IL. These trusted and predictable receding gum treatments are traditional gum grafting and the Chao Pinhole® […]

Will My Receding Gums Be Corrected With The Pinhole Surgical Technique™ In Oak Brook, IL?

An image of a woman with gum disease.

Receding gums might not seem like a major dental problem, but they can lead to issues affecting people’s teeth and jawbones. Traditionally, correcting gum recession always required cutting and suturing. Today, a more advanced periodontist prefers to give patients the option of fixing their receding gums with the state-of-the-art and minimally invasive Pinhole Surgical Technique™ […]

How To Treat Gum Recession In Oakbrook, IL?

a close up of lower arch gums that have receded, exposing the teeth more.

Do tooth roots seem visible when smiling? Seeing more tooth surface, making teeth appear longer than usual? Does it seem like gums are disappearing? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then it may be gum recession. A dentist in Oakbrook, IL can assess a patient’s teeth to determine and confirm if […]

How Do I Know If I Have Receding Gums and How Can I Fix It?

Receding Gums Are your teeth getting longer or are your gums covering less of them? When gum disease advances from gingivitis, its early stages, to periodontitis, it’s advanced stages, it begins to slowly eat away at gum tissue. And when the gums start to recede, the teeth begin to appear like their getting longer. Take […]

What Causes Gum Recession and What Can I Do About It?

Gum Recession  The nose and the ears continue growing all throughout our lives. But while it may seem like your teeth may be doing the same, there’s likely an unrelated reason your teeth may seem to be getting longer: gum recession. Find out how gum disease can cause the gums to recede and learn what […]

The Signs of Gum Recession: What to Look for

Gum Recession Having healthy gums is the best way you can ensure your teeth and mouth stay strong and beautiful. Unfortunately, some people may be silently suffering from gum recession, which can be detrimental to your overall oral health. Dr. Amarik Singh, a periodontist in Chicago, IL, helps patients with gum problems improve their mouth’s […]