Are You Looking For Full Arch Dental Implants In Chicago, IL?

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a full mouth dental implant patient smiling after getting Full Arch Dental Implants® treatment

For those looking for a solution to multiple tooth failures? Or maybe you want something more permanent than your dentures? Full Arch Dental Implants® is an amazing full mouth device that replaces all the teeth on one side of your mouth with just four dental implants. This minimally invasive device provides a great deal of stability and long-lasting reliability that is hard to beat with any comparable device at a more affordable price.

Here is how Full Arch Dental Implants® could help you in Chicago, Illinois! 


How Full Arch Dental Implants Works

A problem some people face when trying to get dental implants is the need for bone grafting. This process can be very long and daunting for many. This can also be fairly costly especially if the end goal is to get dental implants.

That is where Full Arch Dental Implants steps in. Whilst you still need some healthy bone for this procedure to work and last, the vast majority of candidates have enough bone remaining for this procedure to be effective, especially long-term. That is because of how the implants are placed into the bone.

Full Arch Dental Implants is a full arch prosthesis or denture that is secured using those four dental implants. The front two of these implants are placed normally in the front of the jaw, a region that rarely faces bone loss. On the sides where bone loss is more common, these specially manufactured implants are placed at an angle. With the way the arch is made, it secures perfectly in, securing the device and giving you stability.


Why Use Full Arch Dental Implants

For those who have worn dentures for a long time or those who lost multiple teeth, Full Arch Dental Implants could save you time and money. With no need for bone grafting, Full Arch Dental Implants is a predicable single surgical solution to fix full arch issues.

Whilst the implants could last a lifetime, most prostheses have to be replaced over time. Unlike other options, Full Arch Dental Implants has one of the longest-lasting rates from seven and a half years to ten depending on wear. This makes the investment into the procedure much less costly and the benefits much more long-term!


Are You Looking For An Full Arch Dental Implants Dental Implants Expert?

If you or a loved one is considering Full Arch Dental Implants dental implants and are looking for a doctor with experience in placing this device, Periodontal Implant Associates is the place for you! Our very own Dr. Amarik Singh is a certified periodontist and implantologist with specific training in Full Arch Dental Implants dental implants. Dr. Singh works hard to address every concern a patient has, listening to them talk through their story and working to find the best solution for their needs.

So if you are in the Chicagoland area and are looking for a doctor you can trust, consider making an appointment to see Dr. Singh today. You can call our office at 630-686-1030 to speak with our kind support staff. If you are ready for a reliable solution to your dental woes, come in and start the process for Full Arch Dental Implants’s today!

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