A Look at Milestones the Journey to Dental Implants

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Dental Implants 
The process of getting dental implants is a journey, one that will vary in length based on your needs, your current health and your expectations. Though different for each person, there are some common milestones you’ll encounter on the road to restoring your smile. Take a look at some of the milestones you’ll want to celebrate as you march towards your goal: a functional, healthy, mouth full of new teeth.

Consultation Stage
It’s your first step towards getting dental implants, and it’s a big step. It’s during the consultation phase that you and your dentist will align expectations and determine which style of dental implants is best for your needs. One of the most impactful ways your dentist will help align expectations during this phase is to generate before and after photos of your smile, giving you’re a glimpse of how it’ll look with implants in.

Planning Stage
With a hard goal in mind, your dentist will before to plan where your implants will go. During this phase, your dentist will take more 3D images of your teeth and jawbone. The dentist will also use software to plot the exact place and precise angle your implants will need to be placed in to provide maximum support. Your dentist will also take several impressions of your teeth to create surgical guides to ensure precise implant placement this planning stage is a huge part of the beginning stages of your dental implant timeline.

Placement Stage
You’ll receive a final CT scan before placement just to ensure everything looks good. Placement will occur during the same appointment, even if you need supporting procedure such as a tooth extraction. Patients are often surprised at just how little time placement takes, and how little discomfort is involved with it. At the end of placement, you’ll be given a temporary restoration to wear until your final crown, denture or bridge is ready.

Post-op Follow-ups
Healing usually takes at least four months. Over this time, you’ll check in with your dentist every month or so just to ensure that healing is on track

More on Dental Implants in Chicago, IL
Take a moment to schedule an appointment with a local dentist to find out more about what you can expect from getting dental implants in Chicago, IL.

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