Will I Be In Pain After Getting A Dental Implant?

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Dental implants are a permanent tooth loss solution that gives patients a more natural smile, making it a more preferable treatment option over traditional dental implants. Implants also do not require any special maintenance and can be cleaned just like normal teeth. Additionally, implants can help improve oral health by preventing bone loss in the jawbone.

One of the greatest benefits to getting dental implants in Oakbrook Terrace, IL, however, is that patients experience low dental implant placement pain during the procedure.

Fearing The Pain Of Getting Dental Implants?

There’s no denying that dental implants are a great way to achieve a new beautiful smile. However, for some, there may be a lot of apprehension about getting dental implants due to potential pain that may be associated with the procedure. Some people are petrified of the thought of having surgery, and others dread the idea of having anything inserted into their mouths.

If patients are considering getting a dental implant, it is important to understand that the procedure can be uncomfortable. Most people experience some level of pain following surgery, but the level of pain will vary from person to person.

Some people may feel only mild discomfort, while others may experience significant pain. It is important for patients to discuss their expectations for pain with a trusted dentist in Oakbrook Terrace, IL before their dental implant procedure.

For anyone who is looking to replace their missing teeth with dental implants, don’t be afraid. In fact, dental implant surgery is one of the most common and successful procedures performed in hospitals today.

Sedation Dentistry Makes Placing Dental Implants Comfortable

Still feeling uneasy at the thought of getting treated for dental implants? Patients may have dental anxiety, which is also known as dental fear.

Patients of all ages, including adults, can find it difficult to get any kind of treatment when they feel anxious. Even when they need and want a procedure, they may worry about how much it will hurt. That is where sedation dentistry can help.


Sedation dentistry is designed to provide patients with a sense of relaxation and calm throughout their procedure. There are many different sedation dentistry choices that patients can choose from. The experienced doctor can talk to patients about the best one for their dental implant treatment.

Nitrous Oxide:

Nitrous oxide is known as laughing gas. Patients can breathe nitrous oxide in and get an immediate feeling of relief. When the patient stops breathing nitrous oxide in, it wears off right away. Nitrous oxide can be an excellent option for shorter procedures.

Oral Sedation:

When the patient needs something a little stronger to help them get through a dental treatment, they may be asked to consider oral sedation. With this type of sedation dentistry, the patient will be given medication to take when they arrive for their visit. In about 30 minutes, they will feel much more relaxed.

Twilight Sedation:

For patients that are okay with being awake during their procedure, but want something to keep their anxiety at bay, then twilight anesthesia is a good sedation option to take. Twilight anesthesia enables patients to stay alert, but in a very sedated and comfortable state. Twilight sedation medication blocks the patients pain receptors, offering the patient the chance to get through treatments without worry or discomfort.

IV sedation:

IV sedation is administered through a patient’s veins under controlled, safe conditions. Only certified personnel can administer IV sedation. The patient will be monitored the whole time they are under IV sedation. Often, IV sedation is useful for dental surgeries such as those to place dental implants in Oakbrook Terrace, IL. The patient will remember nothing of their appointment but will be able to respond to the doctor and team while they are sedated.

General Sedation:

General sedation is the kind of sedation that puts patients to sleep during their procedure. Patients can get the care they need without being aware of the procedure while it is happening. It also must be administered by specially trained and certified professionals. As with IV sedation, patients will have no memory of their treatment with general sedation.Types Of Dental Implants To Consider

At this point patients know they can get dental implants, even if they are anxious about the pain. Yet what types of dental implants can patients receive?

There are numerous types of dental implants that a patient and their periodontist may consider.

Single Implants:

Single implants replace one tooth. They include the implant, an abutment, and a dental crown prosthesis. Not only can single implants give patients back their smile back, but they can slow down bone loss and adjacent tooth shifting due to missing teeth.

Implant-Supported Bridges:

For those that have lost a row of teeth, rather than getting a traditional dental bridge, they should consider getting an implant-supported bridge. The patient’s prosthetic bridgework will be supported by one or more dental implants. Unlike a traditional bridge, the periodontist will not have to make any changes to the surrounding teeth. Plus, the patients jawbone will be stimulated with the implants.

Implant-Supported Dentures:

Much like implant-supported bridges, implant-supported dentures are denture devices that are kept in place by dental implants. Patients can opt for fixed or removable implant-supported dentures, depending upon their desired outcome. Implant-supported dentures look like a patient’s natural teeth and, unlike conventional dentures, do not cover the roof of the patients mouth.

Full Mouth Dental Implants:

Full mouth dental implants are one of the most welcome alternatives to removable dentures. Fixed in place, full mouth dental implants take the place of a full arch of teeth. They restore a patient’s smile and more than 98% of their teeth’s function. Additionally, full mouth dental implants keep the patients jawbone from shrinking quickly because the implants keep the bone healthier.

Why You Should Consider Getting Dental Implants

Dental implants are a great option for people who want to improve their smile. They can give patients natural-looking replacement teeth that are stable and secure. Dental implants also last a long time, as long as they are given the proper care. And now, patients can get the dental implants they need and want, knowing the procedure will be made as painless as possible.

Ready For A New Smile?

If you are considering getting dental implants, you should come visit our practice. Get in contact with Dr. Amarik Singh, and our cutting-edge team, at our Periodontal Implant Associates office to schedule an appointment today! We will help you have a smooth, calm, and pain-free treatment.

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