What Are The Steps To Placing Dental Implants In Oak Brook, IL?

a dental implant patient preparing for dental implant surgery.

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There is no denying that receiving dental implants can be one of the most transformational experiences in someone’s life. Yet many people are unsure about how the process works and what to expect if they invest in dental implants in Oak Brook, IL.

Though your dental implant journey may differ a bit based on your oral health history and needs, you can expect your case to follow a general timeline. Below, we explain the typical roadmap that world-class doctors use when placing dental implants and improving smiles.


Step One: The Consultations

At your first consultation for dental implants in Oak Brook, IL, you will be evaluated by a doctor. The doctor will take impressions with technologically advanced devices like CBCT scans to determine if you are an immediate candidate for dental implants such as full arch dental implants. Even if you are not an immediate candidate, you may be able to receive dental implants after undergoing a procedure such as bone grafting.

In addition to speaking with a doctor who places dental implants, you will have a consultation with a restorative dental doctor. This is the doctor who will construct your life-like prosthetic restoration. By the time you leave your consultation, the doctors will often have enough information to begin creating a surgical guide for your placement.


Step Two: The Dental Implant Procedure

On the day of your surgery, you will return to your doctor’s office. The doctor will take more cone beam CT and other scans just to make sure the surgical guide that was created accurately reflects the state of your mouth.

The surgery to receive dental implants will be painless. You will be under sedation the whole time and given medications to ward off any post-surgical discomfort. Depending upon the type of dental implants you receive, you may leave your surgery with a functional temporary prosthetic such as a crown or bridge.


Step Three: Post-Surgery Appointments

Your body will take time to heal and integrate your new dental implants with the surrounding bone. This healing process takes a few months. You can expect to visit your doctor regularly during those months. Keeping follow-up appointments after receiving dental implants in Oak Brook, IL, is essential to the success of your experience.

When your doctor believes you are ready, he will approve you to receive your final restoration prosthetic. This restoration will be designed for you and no one else. The goal of the restoration is to fit you perfectly and give you the aesthetics (and functionality) you deserve. When your restoration is in place, you can regain around 98-99% of the biting and chewing capabilities you lost because of your missing teeth.


Set Up A Consultation For Dental Implants In Oak Brook, IL

Periodontal Implant Associates makes it simple for you to set up your first consultation to talk about dental implants with Dr. Amarik Singh. During his career, Dr. Singh has placed more than 20,000 implants, helping countless patients restore their smiles. Are you ready to make an investment in the future of your health and confidence? Contact us today!

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