Three Signs You Need Dental Implants

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Living with missing teeth is not easy. You have to re-learn how to speak, eat, and smile in a way that does not affect your appearance and comfort level. Even if you are able to adjust, you are not able to completely escape the way your missing teeth will affect your life. After they have been missing for so long, you will lose bone and gum tissue which can alter your appearance and life in ways that you cannot even imagine. If you are debating whether you can benefit from getting dental implants in Chicago IL, here are three reasons why you should make an appointment with Dr. Amarik Singh.

1. Not a Fan of Dentures

If you are not comfortable or interested in using dentures or other temporary dental replacement options to replace your missing teeth, dental implants are your ideal choice. While dentures are a popular choice for many people, they are not always the right tooth replacement solution. Dentures require special care. They are optimal for people who lack bone density or do not have much bone or gum tissue remaining.

2. Concerned About Appearance

If you are concerned about the way your teeth look and how they affect your appearance, dental implants can help. Missing teeth can dramatically alter one’s appearance, drastically affecting the way they look. People who are missing teeth often have lower self-esteem than people who do not.

3. Tired of Missing Teeth

Living with missing teeth is challenging and tiresome. It becomes much more difficult for one to live a happy and confident lifestyle. It is also harder to enjoy sound oral health, because missing teeth places your remaining teeth in jeopardy.

Dr. Singh offers patients who are interested in dental implants a fast and easy solution with the Full Arch Dental Implants in Chicago IL. This procedure allows candidates to get new teeth in as little as one day. Patients who receive Full Arch Dental Implants dental implants are able to restore their smile’s appearance and function immediately.

To learn if you are a candidate for the Full Arch Dental Implants procedure, call (630) 233-9278 for a consultation with Dr. Singh.

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