Improve Oral Health This Men’s Health Month With Dental Implants

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Dental Implants
June is Men’s Health Awareness Month, and some of the most prevalent health issues men in the United States face include heart disease, hypertension and diabetes. However, this is a time for all men to take a comprehensive approach to taking care of themselves, including their teeth and gums. Any man with missing teeth should schedule an appointment with our periodontist because All-on-Four dental implants may be the solution to maintaining excellent dental health throughout life.

Protect Jawbone Density
When you lose a tooth, the bone tissue loses stimulation because the root of the tooth went missing. This leads to reduced density, resulting in the bone tissue deteriorating. This creates a sunken facial appearance and can make it more difficult to eat harder foods. All-on-Four dental implants provide stimulation to between four and six points in a single arch, ensuring the jawbone continues to remain viable.

Prevent Teeth Shifting
Without filling in any gaps, the remaining teeth may shift out of their normal positions. This can harm your bite and limit the kinds of foods you can eat. It is also more difficult to clean crooked and crowded teeth.

Reduce Risk of Gum Disease
Having empty space in your mouth gives bacteria more places to grow. These gaps are also difficult to clean, further increasing the likelihood of someone developing gingivitis.

Diminish Risk of Cavities
In addition to developing gum disease, people with several missing teeth open themselves up to a greater likelihood of having cavities. If the remaining teeth become diseased, then there is a good chance you will lose what teeth you have left.

See Our Periodontist
Schedule an appointment with Dr. Amarik Singh to see if All-on-Four dental implants are right for you. You can enjoy better quality of life and greater confidence with restorations that will not move out of place and allow you to eat whatever you want. Contact us in Chicago, IL today!

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