How the Pinhole Surgical Technique Makes Gum Treatment Easy

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Pinhole Surgical Technique
Patients with gum recession often worry about how to treat those symptoms without increased discomfort and long recovery times that could sideline their daily activities. Luckily, there is a gum recession treatment designed to have a minimally invasive approach. This means patients can enjoy minimal discomfort during and after the process, fast recovery times, and a speedy return to day-to-day life. It’s called the pinhole surgical technique, and it is swiftly replacing traditional gum grafts as the preferred treatment for most patients with gum recession.

Why the Pinhole Technique Minimizes Discomfort
The pinhole technique was designed to minimize the size of any actual incision site, and it uses tools that allow for unhealthy tissue to be cleaned without cutting through healthy tissue. The result is an easy, speedy process that doesn’t leave large incisions to heal. Since the incisions are typically the part that causes the most patient discomfort, it decreases discomfort and healing time.

Advantages of This Approach:

    • – Get back to your daily routine quickly
    • – Turn back symptoms of gum disease
    • – Remove infected tissue
      Prevent the escalation of gum disease


Who Is a Candidate?
If you’re experiencing gum recession from gum disease, this treatment will probably work for your symptoms, because that’s what it was designed to do. Patients do need to be otherwise in good health, and there are conditions that can cause complications. That’s why patients need to talk to Dr. Singh about gum recession treatment to find out if this treatment fits. Only a careful review of your overall oral health and healthcare picture can reveal whether this is the best choice or not. The pinhole surgical technique is a revolutionary procedure that can help you sidestep the side-effects that make patients wary about treating gum recession. Contact our practice in Chicago, IL today to make an appointment for a consultation, and learn more about your options!

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