How Painful Is Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

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Wisdom Tooth Extraction 
You’ve probably heard the expression, “like pulling teeth” used to describe something grueling or agonizing. So it’s no wonder so many people fear having a wisdom tooth pulled. But it turns out, it’s antiquated thinking. Modern dentistry has made wisdom tooth extraction quicker, more efficient and freer of much of the pain once associated with tooth extractions of yesteryear.

How You’ll Feel During the Extraction
Before the extraction gets underway, your dentist will give you a small dose of a local anesthetic to numb the tooth and the area around it. That’s it. After that initial prick from the syringe containing the local anesthetic, you won’t feel anything until well after the tooth extraction is complete. If you start to feel anything during the procedure, let your dentist know. You might need another, smaller dose of anesthesia to get you through the procedure comfortably.

How You’ll Feel After the Procedure
You’ll feel tenderness and will notice swelling at the extraction site. Unaddressed, the tenderness and swelling can turn into moderate discomfort. By taking a few painkillers, especially those with anti-inflammatory properties, you can keep the swelling to a minimum and bring the tenderness down to mild or negligible. You’ll need to take the painkillers roughly every six to eight hours. In a few days, both the swelling and tenderness should be completely gone. If they persist after a few days, contact your dentist’s office. Slow healing could indicate that a bacterial infection is taking root. Antibiotics may be necessary to speed up healing.

Find Out More
Learn more about your options for wisdom teeth removal in Oakbrook Terrace, IL. Choose a day and a time to talk with a local dentist and to get answers to any questions you may have about tooth extraction as well as sedation options. If you have dental anxieties, be sure to ask your dentist about sedation options that will are proven to take the edge off dentist visits and slow down racing, anxious minds.

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