How Laser Gum Disease Treatment Compares to Conventional Gum Surgery

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Giving doctor’s the ability to perform oral surgeries without needles or drills, laser dentistry offers many benefits over conventional gum surgery. While laser dentistry excels in many use cases, there are still some situations in which conventional gum surgery is the better choice to get the best outcome. Take a look at how laser gum disease treatment compares with conventional gum surgery.

How Conventional and Laser Gum Disease Treatment Work

They share a common goal: which is to remove gum tissue that has been infected by gum disease, to help prevent the healthy gum tissue from becoming infected as well. Both conventional and laser gum surgery are highly effective at stopping gum recession by removing disease gum tissue and bacteria. They are also exceptional at cleaning out periodontal pockets, which are bacteria-filled pockets that form between the gums and the roots of teeth.

How They Stack Up Against Each Other

If they’re both highly effective, why choose one over the other? The answers: laser gum surgery is minimally invasive. But the benefits of laser dentistry don’t end there. Take a look at some of the big differences in conventional and laser gum surgery, and find out why the latter might be a better option for you:

  •     Relatively free of pain – you’ll need a shot of local anesthesia to mute the pain of conventional gum surgery, but you won’t need it for laser gum surgery as you’d only experience mild discomfort.
  •     Accuracy – dental lasers are highly-accurate, so there’s a much lower risk of removing healthy gum tissue while targeting the bad
  •     No cuts or stitches – using dental lasers, your dentist won’t have to make incisions and to stitch your gums together after surgery
  •     Fast recovery times – because no cuts are necessary and bleeding is minimal, you’ll likely recover much faster from laser gum surgery
  •     Fewer appointments – because there are no stitches to be removed with laser dentistry, there’s no need for a follow-up appointment

More on Laser Gum Disease Treatment in Oak Brook, IL

Take a moment to schedule an appointment with a local dentist to learn more about your options for laser gum disease treatment in Oak Brook, IL. 

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