How Can I Get My Gum Disease Treated In Oakbrook, IL?

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gum recession along the bottom front four

Gum disease is a massively degenerative condition if left untreated for long. The resulting issues can cause teeth to fall out, decay, or become damaged as well as other issues. Luckily, gum disease is an entirely treatable condition! Here is how you can get your gum disease treated in Oakbrook, Illinois! 

The Importance of Early Treatment

Gum disease, also known as gingivitis, is a condition where your gums become inflamed. This could be from a number of reasons of inflammation from irritation to the gums to a poor flossing routine. But there are many symptoms beyond just gum inflammation to keep an eye out for:

  • Receding gums
  • Gums that bleed when flossing or brushing
  • A change in color of the gums from pink to red
  • Persistent bad taste in the mouth
  • Loose teeth

These symptoms progress and become worse when not treated. That is why it is important to get these symptoms checked out if they are persistent over the course of a week or two. Without treatment, you may need further treatments or dental restorations through implant devices.

How Gum Disease Is Treated

Through the innovation of modern technology, treating gum disease is easier than ever. Before, a doctor would have to perform a small surgery to remove the disease at its source. This was because there were not fine enough tools to get into the deep recesses where the gum disease festers.

Today, doctors are able to use laser technology to get into the deep areas with little to no pain felt by the patient. This means no surgery, no difficult recovery, just an afternoon away to clean out the disease.

How this works is a gentle spray of water fills the gaps to open them up. Then the laser, guided by a doctor, will target the disease and blast it away. The diseased tissues and infection are then cleared out through the same water spray method. Overall, this process is simple for patients.

There can be a few minor things that arise from this treatment. There is a small impact on healthy bone and tissue but not enough to cause issues, serious pain, or decay. There may also be a minor amount of swelling after the procedure that goes away in the following days to a week after the procedure. Overwhelmingly, this way of curing gum disease is much safer than the previous treatment methods out there.

Where Should I Get Treated For Gum Disease?

If you are in Oakbrook, Illinois or the greater Chicagoland area in search of a gum disease expert, consider meeting Dr. Amarik Singh today! Dr. Singh is a board-certified Periodontitis with training and practice in handling the most advanced versions of gum disease.

You can schedule an appointment to meet Dr. Singh by calling 630-686-1030. Live without fear of the long-term damage of gum disease and start your treatment today!

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