Dental Phobia

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Dental Phobia
“Many of our patients have come to our office and expressed great frustrations because of previous bad experiences they’ve had at the dentist. And as a result, they call themselves dental phobics. ‘I’m afraid to go to the dentist, Dr. Singh.’ ‘I’ve had bad experiences, Dr. Singh.’ ‘When I was a child it was a long, painful procedure and I had such bad results.’ Well, today we have minimally-invasive technology that can help treat these patients. We also have comfortable, relaxing, twilight sedation options, or sedative options, for our patients, so that we can treat our patients in a comfortable, relaxed manner.

More importantly, with technology, we now have the ability to perform expedited, minimally-invasive procedures which reduces chair time, reduces risk of complication and allows our patients to undergo successful, optimal treatment in a comfortable setting.”

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