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At our cutting-edge office, patients can get top-rated treatments and procedures that can restore their smile. Using advanced in-house techniques and technologies by Darien, IL, patients can get the accurate and long lasting results they need and deserve for happier and healthier smiles that can restore their confidence.

The treatments our team of dental professionals can give our valued patients restore dental functionality and aesthetic beauty. Dr. Singh is second to none with his state-of-the-art knowledge and experience in Periodontics and Implantology. Patients can feel welcomed and relaxed in our professional office.

Dr. Singh
Talks About Teeth-In-A-Day

Are You A Candidate For Dental Implants?

Cutting-Edge Treatments For Effective, Efficient, And Safe Results

For those who have one or more missing or damaged teeth, or those who have bleeding gums or tooth sensitivity, there are solutions to treat these problems. At our superior dental office, patients can get top-of-the-line treatments that can improve their health and their life. With our comprehensive in-house lab, patients can get top-rated smile restorations that can last for years.

At our excellent periodontal office patients can get treated with Implant supported dentures, Full Arch Dental Implants dental implants, gum disease treatments, and crown lengthening procedures by Darien, IL. With the use of dental technologies like the Sirona Galileos 3D CT Scan and the Digital X-Ray, patients can get precise, reliable, and life- changing procedures.

Our Featured Dental Implants Treatments

dental implants model

Do you have a single missing or damaged tooth? Has it become harder for you to speak and chew normally? The single dental implant treatment could be right for you.

A single dental implant has three parts to it. A dental implant has a dental implant post, an abutment, and a dental crown or prosthetic.

The dental implant can restore the strength and stability of your unique smile.

implant supported dentures model

Are your traditional dentures causing you discomfort or pain? Do your dentures slip around your mouth? These problems can be solved with implant supported dentures.

Implant supported dentures use dental implants to secure a denture prosthetic into a patient’s mouth for a long lasting and healthy smile.

With implant supported dentures, your jawbone gets the stimulation it needs to let you eat and talk normally again.

a model of full mouth dental implants

Are you missing a full arch of teeth? This can be solved with the All On Four dental implant treatment.

The All On Four dental implant procedure is a minimally invasive tooth restoration treatment that can restore bone volume to the areas of your mouth where the bone density is low.

With just four dental implant posts patients can have a long lasting, beautiful, and functional smile.

a dental iv sedation bag

Do you have a low tolerance for pain? Does dental anxiety keep you from getting the treatments you deserve? Sedation dentistry could be the right solution for you.

You can get treated with various types of sedation dentistry methods, depending on the treatment and sedation methods you need and want.

Specifically, you can get treated with general sedation, IV sedation, oral sedation, nitrous oxide, and twilight sedation.

Dr. Singh
Talks About The Benefits Of Full Arch Dental Implants

Our Featured Periodontal Treatments

a picture of a lower arch gum disease model

Do you have bleeding, inflamed, or tender gums? Are you experiencing tooth or bone loss? Does your face look sunken-in? Gum disease treatments could be the perfect solutions for you.

Gum disease procedures include tissue grafts, pocket elimination surgery, and crown lengthening procedures. The treatment you get depends on how much your gum disease has progressed.

With these gum disease procedures, patients can restore their oral and overall health.

gum recession graphic

Do you have an uneven gum line, causing you to have an imperfect and unhealthy smile? Are your teeth looking longer than normal? Gum recession treatments could be the right solution for you!

Gum recession can be treated with the traditional gum grafting procedure and the Pinhole Surgical Technique (PST) for healthier gums, jawbone, and teeth.

Gum recession treatments can be used to replace lost gum tissue.

crown lengthening model

Do your teeth look smaller because of excessive gum tissue? Crown lengthening treatments could be the perfect treatment method for you.

With an advanced surgical microscope, we can treat you with either an esthetic crown lengthening procedure or a functional crown lengthening procedure to improve your smile.

Cosmetic crown lengthening is used to improve a gummy smile while functional crown lengthening is used for cosmetic or restorative treatments.

a model of a patient's gums after osseous surgery

Are your teeth beginning to shift? The osseous surgery treatment method could be the right treatment method for you!

Osseous surgery (flap surgery) removes active periodontal infection from patients’ mouths by drawing back gum tissue to get rid of plaque and tartar. The bone is then smoothed and infected gum tissue is removed.

After osseous surgery, patients should come back to the periodontal office for gum disease maintenance.

Meet Dr. Amarik Singh Our Dental Specialist

Dr. Amarik Singh graduated from Northwestern University Dental School in 1997. He earned his Specialty Certificate in Periodontics and earned his Masters Degree from Northwestern University in 1999. Dr. Singh has also earned hundreds of hours in Continuing Education credits ever since he completed his dental training. Furthermore, he lectures nationally and internationally.

Dr. Singh performing a dental implants procedure
our patient Larry smiling after his dental implants procedure

For A Beautiful Full Mouth Of Teeth That You Can Depend On

Do you have one or more missing teeth? Are you embarrassed to show your smile because of damaged teeth? The Teeth-in-a-Day treatment by Darien, IL could be the right treatment method for you. Those who fail to get the Teeth-in-a-Day treatment to restore their smile could experience more severe tooth loss symptoms, like the loss of jawbone density.

That is why you should come to our cutting-edge periodontal office. Teeth-in-a-Day uses four or more dental implant posts to bring back dental stability, function, and beauty to patients’ smiles.

Our experienced office can restore your smile with the latest techniques and technologies this industry has to offer. With the Teeth-in-a-Day dental procedure, you can have immediate and long lasting teeth after your dental implant surgery. With Teeth-in-a-Day, patients can return to their normal diet, speak with ease, and have the confidence to show their smile.

A Minimally Invasive Surgery For A Healthier And Happier Smile

Do you have an uneven or a receding gum line, causing your teeth to shift? Have your teeth become sensitive? Luckily, your gum recession symptoms can be treated with the Pinhole Surgical Technique by Darien, IL. It’s a more efficient treatment than the traditional gum grafting procedure.

Failure to get this advanced gum recession treatment method could result in gum disease and infection progressing. You could end up losing your jaw bone density, potentially causing your teeth to fall out.

That is why we encourage you to come to our exceptional office for the Pinhole Surgical Technique procedure. With this highly effective treatment, a trained doctor can reverse your gum recession without the need for a graft or stitches. Recovery time for the Pinhole Surgical Technique is quick, allowing you to get back to your daily activities the same day as your procedure.

the Waterlase laser, an advanced piece of dental technology

Our Frequently Asked Questions

You should come to our experienced and compassionate periodontal office because we can expertly and precisely place your custom made dental implants. Our long-lasting dental implant treatments can replace one or more missing teeth, restoring the beauty and functionality of your unique smile.

Our leading periodontist can give you the safest, most efficient and effective periodontal treatments possible in a safe and highly-skilled environment. Our team of professionals take the time to explain treatments and services to you so you can make the most informed decisions to restore and improve your smile.

Our specialized periodontal office can treat patients with various types of dental implant procedures. These effective, lasting, and restorative dental implant procedures include single dental implants, implant supported bridges, implant supported dentures, and full mouth dental implants.

For those who have a full arch of missing or damaged teeth that no longer give them the dental function or aesthetics they need, the Full Arch Dental Implants dental implant procedure could be the perfect smile restoration procedure.

When a patient’s traditional dentures start to slip and cause discomfort, implant supported dentures may be needed. With implant supported dentures, patients can eat and talk normally again. Also, implant supported dentures stimulate the jawbone for a healthier and stronger smile.

The Pinhole Surgical Technique is a gum recession treatment that is minimally invasive, has a fast recovery time, and the treatment requires fewer office visits. With the Pinhole Surgical Technique, you can have immediate cosmetic results that can improve your smile.

At our skilled periodontal office, you can get treated with either an esthetic crown lengthening treatment or a functional crown lengthening treatment. While the esthetic crown lengthening procedure is used to improve a gummy smile, the functional crown lengthening procedure is more of a cosmetic or restorative treatment.

Candidates for gum grafting treatments are those with gum recession symptoms like tooth root sensitivity, inflamed gums, and even those with aesthetic concerns. Gum grafting is a traditional procedure method to treat your gum recession symptoms.

At our experienced dental office, you can get treated with effective sedation dentistry methods to get comfortable and anxiety free treatment experiences. These sedation dentistry methods include general sedation, IV sedation, oral sedation, nitrous oxide, and twilight sedation.

Candidates for our sedation dentistry methods are those who have anxiety about treatments or procedures, have a low tolerance for pain, have a severe gag reflex, and fear dental offices in general – among other symptoms.

Those who do not use some form of sedation dentistry before their treatment could experience a painful procedure, have a severe gag reflex, and have high anxiety. Some may even avoid going to get the treatment they need and deserve all together because their dental anxiety is so severe.

larry Full Arch Dental Implants patient smiling after dental procedure

What Our Patients Have To Say

John McDonald
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I recently received the Full Arch Dental Implants dental implants from Dr. Singh. The procedure was painless and Dr. Singh and his entire staff exhibited caring professionalism throughout the treatment and in the post-treatment visits I have had. Without hesitation, I will recommend Dr. Singh to family and friends
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My implant took only one day and was nearly pain-free. I can't even imagine getting better dental care anywhere or by anyone else. Give the girls in the office my best and thanks again!!

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