Find Out Why Laser Periodontics In Oak Brook, IL, Can Transform Your Smile!

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When people have periodontal (gum) disease, they will want to use laser periodontics in Oak Brook, IL to transform their smile. A skilled and trusted periodontist will specifically use the WaterLase® iPlus laser to give patients the exact results that they want to transform their smile. Interested to learn about why exactly laser periodontics can […]

What Makes A Good Periodontist In Chicago, IL?

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A periodontist specializes in treating diseases and disorders of the gums and bone around teeth. Periodontists typically have training in gum diseases, implants and other procedures. If you’re experiencing any problems with your gums in Chicago, IL – like bleeding or swollen gums, receding gums, bad breath that doesn’t go away, or loose teeth – […]

How Laser Gum Disease Treatment Compares to Conventional Gum Surgery

Giving doctor’s the ability to perform oral surgeries without needles or drills, laser dentistry offers many benefits over conventional gum surgery. While laser dentistry excels in many use cases, there are still some situations in which conventional gum surgery is the better choice to get the best outcome. Take a look at how laser gum […]

How Laser Gum Disease Treatment Can Give You Your Smile Back

Laser Gum Disease Treatment  Without regular dental care at home and in-office, the things we eat eventual turn into things that begin to eat us. When food particles decay and mix with bacteria, it turns into grey-yellow muck known as plaque. Plaque eventually turns into tartar and starts to eat away at the gums and […]

4 Reasons Why Patients Prefer Laser Gum Treatment Over Traditional Surgery

The key to optimal dental health is strong gums. Many patients spend all of their time on a cleaning routine that only focuses on their teeth. Dr. Amarik Singh, who treats gum disease in Chicago, IL, recommends patients take better care of their gums to improve oral health outcomes. If you have problems with gum […]