How To Treat Gum Recession In Oakbrook, IL?

a close up of lower arch gums that have receded, exposing the teeth more.

Do tooth roots seem visible when smiling? Seeing more tooth surface, making teeth appear longer than usual? Does it seem like gums are disappearing? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then it may be gum recession. A dentist in Oakbrook, IL can assess a patient’s teeth to determine and confirm if […]

How Can I Get My Gum Disease Treated In Oakbrook, IL?

Gum disease is a massively degenerative condition if left untreated for long. The resulting issues can cause teeth to fall out, decay, or become damaged as well as other issues. Luckily, gum disease is an entirely treatable condition! Here is how you can get your gum disease treated in Oakbrook, Illinois!  The Importance of Early […]

How Can a Periodontist Treat My Gum Disease without Surgery?

There’s a turning point at which gum disease advances from its early stages, gingivitis, to its advanced stages, periodontitis. Past this point, gum disease is typically irreversible and the damage it does is permanent to a degree. For the more severe cases, the best treatments are often surgical. But for milder cases, there are plenty […]

How the Pinhole Surgical Technique Makes Gum Treatment Easy

Pinhole Surgical Technique Patients with gum recession often worry about how to treat those symptoms without increased discomfort and long recovery times that could sideline their daily activities. Luckily, there is a gum recession treatment designed to have a minimally invasive approach. This means patients can enjoy minimal discomfort during and after the process, fast […]

The Dangers in Delaying Gum Recession Treatment

As you sit here reading this blog, the tissues that compose your gums could be slowly deteriorating. This leaves the roots of your teeth exposed to external forces that could ultimately lead to greater problems down the road. Yet the problem with gum recession is that on its own, it often presents little in the […]