Can Periodontitis Be Cured?

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The short answer is no. Most cases of gum disease, especially periodontal disease, can’t be completely cured. And with roughly half the population having gum disease to some degree, the focus probably shouldn’t be on curing something so persistent and pervasive. That energy should be put into dental visits and lifestyle changes to ensure that gum disease is properly managed. So let’s take a look at some things your dentist can do to keep periodontal disease in check, as well as things you can work on away from the dentist’s chair. What Your Dentist Can Do When gum disease progresses to periodontitis, even the most diligent efforts to brush and floss like clockwork everyday won’t stop the disease. At best, it’ll merely slow periodontitis. You’ll need professional help.
Here are some of the major procedures your dentist can deliver to help you get periodontitis under control:

  • Tissue grafting: periodontitis can quickly eat away at gum tissue, but your dentist can graft new tissue in areas where your gums have been ravaged by the disease.
  • Crown lengthening: For a tooth that has worn down too much, to the point it’s at the gum line or even below it, your dentist can reshape your teeth and gums to make more of the tooth visible – so you’ll have more teeth in your smile and less gums.
  • Pocket elimination: Typically performed when all non-surgical options have been ruled out, this procedure entails folding the gums back, trimming away diseased tissue and then re-contouring the gums against the teeth. What You Can Do at Home The best thing you can do at home is diligently maintain your teeth and gums, which will become even more critical in the weeks and months following a procedure at the dentist’s office.


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To properly heal and the to prevent new problems, your dentist will provide you with detailed aftercare steps to follow. What to Do Next Find out if you have gum disease and, if so, how advanced it is. Click here to schedule a consultation with a local periodontist in Chicago, IL.

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