Here at Periodontal Implant Associates, we want to help spread the news that this is National Gum Care month. Proper gum care helps prevent the risks of gum disease and results in good oral hygiene and overall well being. For a periodontist in Chicago, IL, trust Dr. Amarik Singh and his staff for a wide range of high-quality, comprehensive periodontal care.  

Advice and Tips for Proper Gum Care  

Proper gum care means keeping the teeth intact and hopefully preventing periodontal disease. However, that isn’t always easy with millions of bacteria in the mouth attacking the gums and teeth. Gum disease in most people is preventable by following these tips:

 ·         Floss and brush at least once daily.
 ·         Rinse with mouthwash to remove pieces of food that brushing and flossing missed.
 ·         Get regular checkups and cleanings to remove tartar and plaque.  

By paying attention to everyday gum care, people may be able to reverse the early stage of gum disease.  

Understanding the Risks of Gum Disease  

The link between oral health and overall well being is backed by research. Regardless, only one out of every six people realizes that gum disease carries risks. For instance, the body can overreact to bacteria around the gums and cause over-inflammation. The result is damage to the blood vessels in the brain and heart. Other dangers include:  

 ·         Heart attacks
 ·         Diabetes
 ·         Stroke
 ·         Heart disease
 ·         Arthritis  

The good news is that proper gum care can prevent and treat periodontal disease, improve general well being, and help reduce health risks. Following a two-minute brushing routine followed by flossing and rinsing, coupled with regular cleanings are all effective gum disease prevention measures that everyone can begin now.  

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