For those who’ve lost their ability to smile, tooth by failing tooth, dental implants offer the promise of a second chance at a full and radiant smile. Though dental implants may seem like a teeth replacement option that’s too good to be true, people often find that their functionality and aesthetics live up to or surpass the hype.
It’s often the cost of dental implants that delivers the reality check. But like any major purchase, many more people can afford dental implants when financing the purchase instead of paying for them all at once. Find out what factors into the cost of dental implants and take a look at some of the top options for fitting them into your monthly budget.

The Cost of Parts  
The total cost of your dental implants journey will depend largely on the dental implant configuration and replacement teeth style you choose. Broadly, dental implants and their restorations can be broken down into four categories:

·         Single-tooth replacements
·         Implant-supported dentures – removable overdentures are anchored to dental implants
·         All on 4 – four economically placed implants per arch, or row of teeth, supported a fixed restoration
·         Full arch with fixed bridges – a full set of dental implants, usually six, with fixed zirconia bridges permanently attached to them
The Cost of Supporting Procedures
Along with paying for parts, you have to pay for the planning stage and the placement surgery. Depending on the health of your gums and jawbone, you may need supporting procedures:
·         Bone Grafting
·         Sinus Lift
·         Sinus augmentation
·         Ridge preservation
Making Dental Implants Affordable
Like buying a new car, no everyone can pay for dental implants upfront. However, there are many options that can be used individually are in concert to fit the cost of dental implants into your budget:
·           In-office financing (typically short-term)
·           Employer-subsidized dental insurance
·           Third-party dental insurance
·           Third-party dental financing
·           Personal lines of credit and equity loans
·           And more
More on Dental Implants in Oak Brook, IL
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